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Red Notice

Uh-oh. This is a Netflix movie — so I’m guessing the script is basically gonna be auto-generated, and there’s gonna be a surprising (but not really) combination of actors people really like?

Such CGI.

Oh my god! I laughed so much! Aloud! Is this the best movie ever made? I think it could be!

It’s a movie saying “yes, I know you’ve seen this kind of movie a million times before, but fuck that shit”.

Every scene is a wink and a nod and it’s hilarious.

This is so November 2021. It couldn’t have been made a week before or a week after.

OK, this isn’t the best movie ever. It started so well — with all the fun and all that stuff — but it’s just getting more bogged down, scene by scene. I mean, all the scenes are going for wild-cap fun, but it’s not quite there, so it all collapses.

They’re going for mad-cap silly adventure, but they’re kinda not hitting the beats? I could totally see this movie being totally hilarious with just a bit of editing? It’s not that it’s too long or anything, but the individual scenes just feel off.

What a frustrating movie. Because it’s so close to being a perfect popcorn movie, but then just fails. I just want the movie to succeed, because it’s really charming, but it just doesn’t. It just needs… something. It’s got the repartee and the plot and the charming actors — it just needs to be a bit more zippy?

Red Notice. Rawson Marshall Thurber. 2021.

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