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The Watermelon Woman

I’m watching this on Youtube, and… it looks like it’s been uploaded from a DVD that hasn’t been deinterlaced?

I tried a couple other sources, but they absolutely won’t show it to me, since I’m European trash.

So it’s interlaced hell for me.

I’m enjoying this.

This is quite amusing.

It’s super low budget, but stylish.

I’m really enjoying this. The mix of “documentary” and “acting” is really fun.


That Dunye has only made one feature film since The Watermelon Woman is our loss.

imdb totally disagrees with that. There’s like a whole bunch of movies. Or… they aren’t “feature movies”…

I love these sets.

OH MY GOD! And now they’re doing “Skin” by Leslie Winer on the soundtrack!


This is the best movie ever.

So I’m assuming that all these bits aren’t real?

I mean, is Camille Paglia ever real?

This is so much fun! I love this movie.

Noo! They cut this bit short. I mean, I love concerts and stuff, so I would like half an hour of this because it sounded cool, but they cut it off after ten seconds.

The cinematography isn’t very intrusive, but all the scenes look really cool. I mean, look at that greenery in this scene — it’s better than natural.

This is so funny!

I love this so much. It’s so 90s meta. There’s some scenes that are kinda “eh?” but in context they’re “oooh”.

It’s just a super smart and interesting movie.

OK, I’m drunk and stuff, but this is just such a perfect smart meta movie, and I love this sort of stuff. So:

The Watermelon Woman. Cheryl Dunye. 1996.

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