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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane

Wow. They’ve gotten the perfect child to play a young Bette Davis.

And… they’ve cropped the movie down to 16:9. *sigh*

Heh. When the opening titles started, they switched to windowboxing (so that the text isn’t cropped), presumably to make it less obvious that they’re cropping the rest of the movie… CLVR.

But you are, Blanche. You are!

This movie is properly nightmarish! But it doesn’t… really make that much sense? I know it doesn’t really have to make that much sense, but… Blanche could just shout out the window to the neighbour? And then the movie would have been over after ten minutes?

Which is why she doesn’t, of course, but…

Wow. This is pure genius.

(Except for a couple of scenes that aren’t.)

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane. Robert Aldrich. 1962.

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