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Goodbye Seventies

Wow, it’s been a minute since I saw a 4:3 movie… Oh, perhaps it’s gonna change aspect ratio later? It starts off in 1970.


This is pretty amusing. I mean, it’s kinda choppy, but it’s amusing.

Sounds about right… but in a good way.


An unattractive cast in an unattractive film! Verow has been directing films for many years, but he has yet to learn how to cast them and make them.. Like another reviewer, I too couldn’t finish it.

I love it! It’s sort of channelling old, no-budget movies — everything is awkward and hesitant, but on purpose? It’s like a very meta take. I can’t stop sniggering; everything’s so perfectly on point.

I mean, I think it’s on purpose. It’s funny anyway.

I love the performances. The actors are so into this.

I did! I get it!

I’m gonna give this an unreasonably high score, because I laughed, I almost cried, I got angry, and mostly I smiled a lot. This is a really special movie.

But I do understand why all those people on imdb hate it.

Goodbye Seventies. Todd Verow. 2020.

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