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Wow, this movie’s got some credits list:

And it just goes on and on:

And I don’t think this movie had a big budget?

OK, it’s a mid-size budget… And it bombed at the box office! Totally!

I’m really curious what’s the story behind this, and how all these A-list actors ended up here… were they all friends of Sigourney Weaver? She’s known for doing no-budget movies that she likes… Friends of George Plimpton, who wrote the book this is based on?

Oh, the other Capote movie that year had had a smaller budget and… didn’t bomb. I think I’ve seen that one.

This is pretty good. It’s really enjoyable — it’s kinda of frothy and fun.

OK, it’s kinda boring now. They really had something fun going for the first half, but now it’s all… character development.

I’m guessing the director kinda made a lot of this boring stuff up? It’s… just… tedious.

I can understand why this movie bombed. It’s so schizophrenic. I mean, it’s like the first half of the movie was designed to appeal to somebody who would never, ever want to watch the last half of the movie.

And vice versa.

Infamous. Douglas McGrath. 2006.

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