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Trouble in Mind

Man, the cast of this movie… I surmise that it was a total flop when it was released, but they sure did pick some interesting actors.

But I can understand why — it seems really out of step with 1985. It’s more like a 70s movie? It’s all earnest and stuff. I’m guessing the director is a Robert Altman fan?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Altman’s great.

On the other hand, it’s got Hill Street Blues energy.

It’s got a mood kinda in the middle of Hill Street Blues and Twin Peaks? Which is very of its time, I guess.

I don’t think you can bomb worse than that, so I guess the studio didn’t really release it? Just pushed it to a couple of theatres on Long Island?

And it’s so weird — this is almost an amazing movie. It’s so close — the performances are great, the sets are fantastic, and the mood really works. But it’s so … weird. It’s kinda formless? Which I like… not knowing where anything is going or what the movie is even about… but you have to have faith that this is going to cohere somehow, and the movie hasn’t really earned that trust.

There’s so many interesting things in this movie that I want to watch all of Alan Rudolph’s movies.

This veers between something as scintillating as Liquid Sky and… something not like Liquid Sky.

It’s simply Divine!

I could see me giving this or depending on the day. It’s unique.

It’s like Robert Altman x Twin Peaks. But before Twin Peaks.

OK, now I want to see all of Rudolph’s movies.

At random, I’m giving this movie:

Trouble in Mind. Alan Rudolph. 1985.

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