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Umbrellas in the Sun

This is a DVD of various videos by Factory/Crepuscule released by LTM Records.

Fascinatingly, the versions of tracks (like A Certain Ratio’s Back to the Start) are versions I haven’t heard before.

It looks like this DVD was mastered from VHS cassettes… but whatev. I love this! And the audio quality is great.

… which makes me wonder whether LTM took the audio from somewhere else, because the audio/video sync isn’t… awesome?

I’m captivated by these videos. This is music I’ve listened to all my life (er sort of), but I’ve never seen any of these people before. They’re so young! And awkward!


With nail varnish!

Oh, Manchester. So much to answer for.

This is such a wonderful track. Marie Louise Gardens. I think it’s the best thing Durutti Column did.

Oh wow. New Order’s doing Everything’s Gone Green live, and missing most of the cues, so it lasts twice as long as normally.

And they forgot to switch Bernard’s mike on.

Oh there it is.

It’s so New Order.

By now he’s just saying random stuff.

Now I really want to watch a video of some early New Order gigs, but that probably doesn’t exist.



*gasp* Tuxedomoon!

*phew* The Jinx version was teh awesum.

Tuxedomoon 4 ever. Well, OK, Peter Principle died, so I they don’t actually exist any more, but… anyway!

Nice hairdo.

I love LTM Records — James Nice is so obsessive — but often his maximalist impulse gets in the way of creating a strong… thing. When re-releasing an album, he puts a bunch of … incidental stuff onto the CDs. Which is great! Sort of! Because you don’t want to listen to that stuff more than a couple of times, and it gets in the way of the enjoyment of the album itself.

And it’s basically the same problem on this DVD: There’s stuff here that’s absolutely classic, and there’s stuff here that’s just curiosa. And he put all of the latter towards the end, so it’s…

So my enthusiasm is dwindling. For the first hour, I had this DVD pegged as a , but nope.

Oh, this is quite spiffy. Quando Quango.

Umbrellas in the Sun.

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