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The Suicide Squad

Some normie reviewer used the word “nihilism” when talking about this movie. I assume that they’ve never been on the internet — and that this is just gonna be 130 minutes of edge lord tiresomeness.

It certainly starts off that way… and with shockingly bad greenscreen work.

Are these people that’s gonna be shockingly killed off straight away? Since they’re unknowns, I assume so…

I’m kinda surprised at hos slow this is moving? I had assumed it was gonna be CUT CUT CUT BOO YA, but it’s moving at a very sedate pace…

Yup. Edge lord city.

Gunn’s got pretty bad taste in music, eh?


And now we’re getting rolled back to explain what we’ve already understood? To give everybody their origin stories or something? *double sigh*

Gotta get some daddy issues in here. But Idris Alba is always fun.

Even more daddy issues! In the same scene!

Man, you can tell what jokes they’re gonna do half a minute in advance…

It’s so political!

It’s not that this doesn’t have jokes that kinda land? It’s just that the pacing is so lethargic… but I guess the point is to let stoned people keep up and get their “dude! did you see that! *punches air*” out of the way before the next gag, which means that you have to have at least five minutes between anything resembling a joke?

I guess this could have been pretty entertaining if it had been cut down from 130 minutes to 80?

Just when you think it can’t get any more tedious, we get a flashback to Ratcatcher 2’s childhood.

It really is just daddy issues all the time.

I liked the flower fight scene. The fight choreography in general is pretty good for a super-hero movie?

And now they’re playing Pixies?

OK spoilers, so stop reading now:

Is this the reason that otherwise seemingly-reasonable people are giving this a high rating? This “shocking indictment” of US politics? Lemme pause to check…

“Subversive.” Check.

“Fast-paced”!? Did she watch it at 2x or something? Ludes much?

To sum up: There’s some good jokes in here, and there’s some other stuff that works. But it’s mostly just kinda boring?

I did like the denouement to the big boss fight, so I’m upping the die a bit.

The Suicide Squad. James Gunn. 2021.

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