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Oh my god. The practical gags here are hair-raising — Tati is doing all this stuff on and around the highway, and the cars look like they’re really zipping along, just meters from him.

This is most amusing. It’s so meticulous — all these little details… the colour schemes and the cinematography… all the little gadgets in the car itself and the plot that makes you pull your hair…

But I haven’t actually laughed out loud? The previous Tati movie I watched had me rolling around on the floor, and the previous Tati movie (chronologically), Playtime, was so stunning words fail me.

So I’m feeling, perhaps unreasonably, a bit disappointed?

OH MY GHOD! That “slo mo” car crash was a thing of sheer poetry.

And I lol-ed out loud.

OK, this is genius.

Trafic. Jacques Tati. 1971.

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