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Black Widow

That’s so Norway. That’s practically my house. We all live in… er… silver… triple wide? trailers? Not in a trailer park, but in a forest somewhere….

I KNOW! I’m complaining about realism in a Marvel movie.

Sorry; won’t happen again.

Man, these fight scenes are kinda… not very good? The greenscreen work is horrible! The compositing is barely adequate — the all-CGI bits look so fake.

Heh, OK, that car chase scene was pretty amusing.

Heh heh heh. That’s a good joke. I guess it’s a burn on Whedon.

But it’s… it’s kinda charmless?

This was really tedious. But there was a couple of jokes that landed, and there was one action scene that wasn’t totally boring, so it’s not a .

Black Widow. Cate Shortland. 2021.

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