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On An Island With You

He’s so playing that guitar!

Oh my ghod! They totally had me there! I thought that this was gonna be the cheesiest movie ever. But it’s a comment of cheesiness in movies instead!

Well played.

Esther Williams is very… tan… in this movie.

Oh, the … tannity… was only for the movie within the movie.

It’s all so meta.

It’s an odd movie — it’s got all these characters spouting off on… stuff…

I mean, we’re twenty minutes in, and I really have no idea what this movie is even about.

I like what I’m seeing, but I’m totally befuddled.

This bit is amusing.

Oh! I just realised that this is from 1948. So it’s one of the first colour movies that just is a colour movie because that’s what they make, and not for any artistic reason, or because it’s a huge big-budget movie.

And the colour looks great. Technology happens.

Jimmy Durante is the only actor that’s like… giving any emotion here… but that’s fine.

Drunk thoughts time: Some people is just weird thinking is dead a long time ago, like Durante. I mean, he was already old in all the movies I’ve seen him in, so he seemed kinda… eternal?

I like this movie, but the plot is like whaaa. And kinda abusive? I think they were going for a complicated meet cute, but the meet cute doesn’t happen until the halfway point of the movie, and it’s very… odd.

But the scenery is so beautiful. I want to be in all these locations, which is what matters to the filmmakers?

I’m really enjoying this, but it sure would have been nice if the jokes had been like actually funny and stuff. Instead this is a kinda generic? movie… it’s like they had an outline for a script, and they had asterisks going “write a joke here” and then they didn’t have the time.

It’s fun, but it’s not funny.

Tee hee.

But this is just inexplicably long for the amount of plot they had here. It’s like aiming for a 70 minute movie, but then the result is a 110 minute movie, and it’s just not that amusing.

There’s scenes in here that are really delightful, but as a movie, it just doesn’t quite work.

On An Island With You. Richard Thorpe. 1948.

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