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Ladies Should Listen

Well, this certainly has a lot of names…

Edward Everett Horton! Mah favourite!

Yeah, it’s the usual reaction to Cary Grant.

Grant only started acting a couple years earlier, but had already done a bewildering number of movies:

Can’t blame the producers.

This is so, so, so close to being a screwball comedy classic. The plot zings, the characters are perfect, they’re all hamming it up to eleven…

But it’s just slightly staid? Not the plot or anything, but the directing and the editing? There’s scenes here where I’m going NO! PUT THE CAMERA OVER THERE SO WE CAN SEE THE (PROBABLY) HILARIOUS REACTION SHOT! And CUT HALF A SECOND AND THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT!

I’ve never seen a movie where it’s so clear what the technical problems are — it’s so frustrating.

It’s delightful, but it’s frustrating.

But, I mean, it is very funny.

Ladies Should Listen. Frank Tuttle. 1934.

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