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Ill Met by Moonlight

As war movies go, this is mostly gags?

So many gags.

It’s plenty amiable, but… it’s not very exciting?

It’s generally well liked, though, so perhaps I’m just not getting into the swing of things. I find myself distracted all the time… This thing should be right up my alley — it’s artificial and awkward, which I like, but it’s just hard to care that much.

Oh, OK, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Especially the “boisterous” bit. So it’s not just be. And there’s only two (2) reviews on rottentomatoes, which means that this is a largely forgotten movie, I guess?

OK, I’m bailing on this movie after 70 minutes. I just have zero interest in anything that’s (possibly) happening on the screen.

It does look quite nice, so I’ll give it a more.

Ill Met by Moonlight. Michael Powell. 1957.

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