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For some reason I thought this movie was by Cronenberg. But it’s Jarmusch! That’s a weird disconnect to have.

In any case, I don’t know why this bluray has languished on the shelves for years now…

I’m really enjoying this movie… but it sure stakes a lot on the viewer finding Adam Driver’s face fascinating.

And Driver’s a good actor! But… Fascinating? I’m not sure…

OK, I’m rolling back that comment up there slightly — I loved every minute of this movie. As is often the case with Jarmusch movies, I just couldn’t stop smiling while watching this. Jarmusch taps into a continuity of… amiable bemusement like no other director.

All the characters here were lovable (except that evil dog), and it’s all… perfect.

Paterson. Jim Jarmusch. 2016.

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