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Love Streams

*gasp* Golan-Globus!

Oh my god. Rowlands is totes amazeballs. Totally riveting.

This movie is fabulous. Cassavetes playing the heroically pathetic rich (but cultured) guy, and Rowlands playing the distressingly crumbling woman… it’s… it’s like nothing else. It’s not even like any other Cassavetes movie. Did the Golan/Globus money finally free him to make the movie that he envisioned? After all those years of financing his movies himself?

Rowlands is always good, but Cassavetes has never been better (as an actor) than in this film.

The last fifteen minutes were really frustrating to watch. I mean, that’s the point. But it was hard.

I’m now watching the documentary extras on this Criterion bluray… And it turns out that Jon Voigt was meant to play the guy! But he pulled out three days before shooting was supposed to start, and Cassavetes himself stepped in. That’s… just mind boggling. With Voigt in that part, it would have been such a different movie — I can’t even imagine it. OK, I can, but all I’m imagining is… sheer horror.

Love Streams. John Cassavetes. 1984.

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