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Stereo (Tile 3B of a CAEE Educational Mosaic)

I love this architecture. So much concrete. Brutalism!


That’s how I want my living room to look like! Except the floors.

Anyway, I remember watching this movie at the Cinematheque in the early 90s/late 80s. And the only thing I remember about it is that the architecture was awesome, but the movie itself sucked.

Which is basically what I’m thinking now, too.

This is the final Cronenberg movie in my (re-)watch of his movies. This is very studentey, of course, but the visuals are very interesting.

This is what I want my next flat to look like!

This building Cronenberg is shooting in is just so gorgeous.

There’s not really much of a movie here, but Cronenberg keeps the interest up just by the visuals.

Stereo (Tile 3B of a CAEE Educational Mosaic). David Cronenberg. 1969.

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