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Rock’n’Roll Revue

OK, this is just a music programme thing?

I’m fine with that. We start off with Duke Ellington?


It’s really nice!

I like all these tunes.

“Your cash ain’t nothing but trash / but I’m sure gonna get me some more”

And there’s skits!

Dinah Washington!

Gorgeous song.

Nat King Cole.

By Emacs! He’s amazeballs!

This is brilliant.

Heh. Kohn did ten music pics over a two year period? And then nothing? I wonder what the story there was, because there’s nothing here I don’t like: The performances are fantastic (especially that Nat King Cole thing), and the cinematography is fun and bouncy, and it’s tautly edited (no boring bits), and it’s… just a joy to watch.

If you’re not into watching live performances, you might not find this fascinating, but for me it’s:

Rock’n’Roll Revue. Joseph Kohn. 1956.

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