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All is Lost

Robert Redford!

OK, I’m riveted by this movie, but I’m also remembering that I’ve seen Triple Frontier by the same director, which totally sucked.

But that was a Netflix movie, so perhaps that explains the suckitude.

I was thinking “boy, Redford looks kinda harried here… he’s, like, 55?”


77!?!? He’s the spryest 77 ever in the history of ever!

Now I’ve flipped from “wow, this movie is awesome” to “this movie is elderly abuse”!

The first half of this movie is absolutely fabulous. All his travails on the boat are so gripping, and Redford’s performance is fantastic.

But then we get the last half of the movie, and it’s just… snoresville? It seems like they wrote themselves into a corner, and didn’t know how to make that part interesting. It’s a shame, because they really had something special there.

So I’d give the first half of the movie a , and the last half of the movie a , which means we’re at:

All is Lost. J.C. Chandor. 2013.

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