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Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Tex Ritter! I didn’t even know that he was an… actor? We had like Tex Ritter comics when I was a child, but I thought that was a … German thing?

… No, that was Tex Willer. Which is Italian.

Let me see if you can detect a certain pattern in the names of the roles Ritter was playing:

No? No pattern?


This is most amiable. I guess this is one of those B movie things? I mean, it’s not part of a serial, but it looks like it’s Extruded Western Product — they had to keep the kids entertained, week in, week out at the movies.

It’s cheap and cheery, with gags, music and action.

That said, it’s not actually like good — there’s no reason to watch this unless you’re really curious about what one of these movies were like. (Which I am.)

Sing, Cowboy, Sing. Robert N. Bradbury. 1937.

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