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Reservoir Dogs

They’re so young!

I saw this movie at the time, and I was… unimpressed? Yeah. I thought it was kinda… sophomoric? Jejune? One of them there words. But that’s all I remember: I remember nothing of the movie itself.

So I’m excited to watch this again, because I’ve grown to appreciate Tarantino in some of his better movies (Jackie Brown, Once Upon etc, etc).

It looks kinda cheap? Was it really cheap?

It was!

What? I thought it was super duper successful? I guess not…

OK, resetting expectations again…

OK, I’m kinda bored now. Everybody talks in exactly the same voice, and it’s getting annoying listening to the same guy shouting at himself all the time.

At least it has a happy ending.

I liked the timeline, but the rest was kinda … snooze-worthy.

So: I was right the first time around when I watched this when I was 25.

Reservoir Dogs. Quentin Tarantino. 1992.

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