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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Frodo is looking distinctly older here than in Lord of the Rings. How long time passed between the two trilogies, anyway?

Slightly confusing start, even if I knew that that that’s that (is that enough?) what’s happening.

This is most amusing.

But I’m bewildered by some of Jackson’s choices when it comes to cinematography and make-up. Not only does he cake the actors so heavily in powder that you can’t see the skin at all (well, on the bits that aren’t covered by rubber), but he also blows the lighting out, so everybody looks like they’ve been lit by… the 70s? It’s got that 70s TV look?

Does that have something to do with filming in 50Hz? It needs more light?

Man, those are big feet!

Imagine the hydropower they could have built!

The Gollum animation is pretty awesome.

Some people on the interwebs are way too enthusiastic about this movie… but I think it’s pretty spiffy? Not quite that spiffy, but it’s really entertaining, and the three hours whizz past.

This is still on a fantasy scale:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Peter Jackson. 2012.

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