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Total Recall

Ooohs! There’s a logo I haven’t seen in a few decades…

I’ve seen this before, of course, but not since … oh! 1990? I thought this happened in the 80s…

I love that decor!

I remember nothing of the plot, but watching this, I’m automatically assuming that everything that’s happening is part of the Rekall trip, and I’m guessing I’m not supposed to assume that? I watched eXistenZ (again) a couple years back, and that was really subtle about what’s part of the game and what’s not… it’s like… a refinement of what’s happening here? Was this the first of these movies where we’re not supposed to know what’s … the trip inside the film?

Of course, I could be wrong, and this is all real!

If this is all in his head, I think they’re kinda cheating by showing us scenes that he couldn’t possibly be seeing? With people he’s not supposed to know anything about?

Stereo vision!

Sorry! Sorry! This isn’t that kind of movie. This is super fun — it’s a total Verhoeven gauche, silly lark. Every scene is weird and awkward and flabbergastingly entertaining.

Oh! I remember this scene!

It’s still teh awesum

Oh! I thought the red pill to return to reality was a Matrix thing — but here it is in Total Recall.

“Open your mind.”


I knew that sounded familiar.

Anyway, this is brash and stupid and totally without “class”, and I love that.

Total Recall. Paul Verhoeven. 1990.

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