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Carry On Camping

Yes! I’m watching a Carry On movie.

Because I’ve never seen any of these, and they’re kinda legendary in British film. I mean, as a touchstone of the worst you can make.

So I googled “what’s the best (or least worst) carry on movie”, and people generally seem to agree that this is the one to watch.

How horrible can it be!?!

This is hilarious! Could this be the best British movie ever?

This is so silly! There’s nary a single line without a couple of double entendres. It’s like watching… a slightly more pervy version of Mad magazine.

And these actors!

The actual jokes, though, are kinda lame? Surely they could come up with something with more zing than this? But the editing is so on point. Zip zip zip from scene to scene; not a second to consider anything.

I guess you’d call this “bawdy humour”? I can sympathise with every British person thinking that the existence of these movies is beyond embarrassing, but… it’s so cute!

And I want that red/white/black blanket.

I do wish people would shout less.


It’s so silly.

But this is really the most dismal camping site ever. Did it rain the entire time they were shooting this movie? Was this filmed in like February? They all look so cold! Give them more clothes to wear!

It’s a rave!

I’m really, really drunk, but I thought that was funny. I had expected, like, a German semi-porn thing with awkward pauses and stuff, but it zipped along, knocking down all the entendres in every line, and wasn’t much embarassing at all. But I’m not British; I could well see that Brits would want to dissociate themselves from the entire phenomenon.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’m gonna watch the entire series, either.

Carry On Camping. Gerald Thomas. 1969.

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