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The Day the Earth Stood Still

Hm… why do I have this on DVD, I wonder? Hm… Oh! It was included as an extra on the remake, which I saw some years back.

I’ve seen this before, but like on VHS back in the 80s…

Oh oh! I remember this scene from that song by… er… Doubting Thomas?


That song basically recaps the entire movie. I had totally forgotten.

Oh, yeah — Robert Wise did the first Star Trek movie.

Well, there’s a trigger-happy asshole if I ever saw one.

This is pretty good. I mean, as 50s sci fi movies goes, it’s really well made. But the central premise is kinda, you know — hokey: Why send one single vulnerable guy (with a robot sidekick) for a mission like this anyway? They could have worked around that by making Mr. Carpenter less human, but… he just seems like a normal dorkish guy, so…

Such matte!

The Day the Earth Stood Still. Robert Wise. 1951.

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