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Le petit soldat

This is very odd. Godard had done a handful of acclaimed movies at this point… but this looks very cheaply made? No audio when filming, etc.


Le petit soldat (transl. The Little Soldier) is a French film, written and directed by French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard in 1960, but not released until 1963.

So is this his first movie? Hm… no his second.

This DVD transfer is absolutely horrendous. Hm… Oh! Criterion released a blu ray version of this last year… should I bail and get that one instead? Hm…

I kept on watching, but … I shouldn’t… I mean, I think I’ve really enjoyed all of Godard’s other films from the 60s? (This is the final one I haven’t seen.) And I’m just not connecting with this one? At all? It may be due to the DVD transfer. Or… not…

But the movie’s picking up now. The photoshoot scene with Anna Karina was great.

The scenes of torture aren’t a lot of fun to watch. And they’re like… very… didactic. “Here’s how you waterboard, here’s how you electrocute.”

This is a difficult movie to like.

Le petit soldat. Jean-Luc Godard. 1963.

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