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How To Steal a Million

Hm… this seems quite familiar. Have I seen this recently?

I chose this movie because it’s the oldest movie in my /dvd/ directory that’s not marked as being seen…

Oh well. It’s super stylish so far, so I guess I’ll just watch it (again).

The mid-60s was a strange time for Hollywood — this is basically a 50s heist movie farce, but with some nods towards more modern sensibilities. It’s so awkward!

Should they go all meta, or play it straight? Instead it’s in a kind of in-between state where you kind of imagine the audience in the cinema is going “eh? eh?”

I mean, it’s funny and stylish, but it’s awkward.

I mean, Peter O’Toole in a screwball comedy?

Everything here basically works… Hepburn is great and Hugh Griffith is perfect as her father and the scenes are fun. But as a 50s movie this would have been 40 minutes shorter. This movie feels like it’s stalling every other scene; kinda sputtering all the time when it should be zipping along.

How To Steal a Million. William Wyler. 1966.

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