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Lords of Illusions

I’m mopping up the Clive Barker: Last year, I read a bunch of Barker-based comics, and the year before that, I watched all of the Hellraiser movies. So now I’m watching the other movies he directed… and this is the final one anybody allowed him to make?

Nightbreed wasn’t very good, so my expectations here are very low indeed…

And it totally bombed at the box office, which explains why nobody wanted him to make any further movies, I guess.

Well, that’s not a pose you see very often in movies.

This is kinda hokey… but it’s really really weird, and I like that. It’s got the marks of a filmmaker who doesn’t give a fuck any more, but just wants to do what he wants to do, while Nightbreed was like a committee had been fucking with it.

And suddenly! It’s that guy who isn’t Captain Kirk!

Yeah… dialogue scenes…:

On seeing Barker’s cut of the film, MGM decided that it was too long and there was too much time spent on dialogue scenes that occur in-between scenes involving death or horror elements.

I assume that this is euphemism for “MGM saw all the gay stuff and freaked out”.


This is a quite bad movie — the pacing is so wonky that it destroys most of the tension — but it’s quite original, so you have to give it kudos for that.

Lords of Illusions. Clive Barker. 1995.

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