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Cabin in the Sky

This is kinda fun. The performances are pretty engaging (especially Ethel Waters)… but the storyline doesn’t do much for me. And the pacing seems rather ponderous, even for a sentimental movie like this.

Oh, I’ve heard this song…



The devil you say!

Oh! It’s Lena Horne!!!

This movie is so amiable that I feel like I should love it. I mean, I’m smiling a lot, and the music’s good. But…

Love this song. Ethel Waters.

It’s these scenes that make me zone out. The musical numbers are delightful, but the main plot (where this guy is being watched over/guided/tempted by angels and devils) just doesn’t have a lot of zing. It just kind of drags.

OK, Lena Horne in the house. Perhaps it’ll pick up now.

I hope she got hazard pay!

Didn’t love the ending, either.

Cabin in the Sky. Busby Berkeley & Vincente Minnelli. 1943.

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