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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Zack Snyder. 2021.

Yes! It’s 4:3. Nice.

This reminds me of something… Yes!

The harshest criticism of Zack Snyder ever.

That looks so real!

Are these 3D models Snyder had left over from 300?

Is that supposed to be Darkseid? It’s not a very good rendering…

I’m kinda enjoying this movie, though. I like slow, and I like stupid nonsense, and this is slow, stupid nonsense.

If you’re looking for a ponderous, pompous movie that doesn’t make much sense, you’ve come to the right place. Why not lean into that shit: Do colour correction so excessive there’s not more than a colour and a half per scene? Have all scenes happen in a very energy-conscious world where a laboratory only has a single 40W light in one corner? Have everybody stand around spouting portentous shit at each other?

Why not!

Hey! Somebody wrote that this scene was creepy. But Snyder plays Song to the Siren, and it’s a totally touching scene.

It’s sports time!

OK, bored now.

What… is that flap there? Is a loin cloth really necessary?

Is that even possible!?

I thought the first two hours were fine, but once it got to the Superman bit, the movie has totally stalled. It’s been an hour of… er… “character development”… and that’s just boring.

But now it looks like it’s gonna start moving again?


That was a really entertaining action scene. Probably the best super-hero movie action scene ever.

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