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Une chambre en ville

Une chambre en ville. Jacques Demy. 1982.

That’s a very odd… er… what is that even? It can’t really be a bridge?

A pedestrian bridge? With elevators?

What! Black and white! But Demy is all about the colours! How odd.

And… his 60s movies were oddly out of step with what was going on at the time: All dreamy and non-political. But now, in 1982, it’s all revolutionary?

*phew* Demy colours.

And it’s a musical. Yay.

Colours and mirrors.

That’s what I want my flat to look like! *eyedrops all the colours*

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this. Sure, it’s no Umbrellas of etc, but it’s kinda riveting. Kinda riveting? Loosely riveting? Not completely riveted? Intermittently riveting?


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