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The New Mutants

The New Mutants. Josh Boone. 2020.

Oh, yeah, this was that final Fox X-Men movie that was pushed back and pushed back for years? And re-shot and re-edited? It’s gonna be great!

Well, that start wasn’t too bad… I like the decor…

Therapy time.

Isn’t that that Pietro guy? Hm… Uhm… nope. Oh! He’s playing Sam Guthrie? SAM!?!

Oh! Maisie Williams!

That’s better casting.

Yeah yeah, I read New Mutants as a child.

Nice doggie. Looks a bit old to be Rahne, though?

Ah, the classics.

This is quite horrorish. I kinda like it. I mean, it’s a bit confused, genre wise — I wonder whether this was originally a horror movie, or whether that’s what it turned into after a bunch of re-edits.

But it’s fine — I’m enjoying watching this.

I think this movie kinda worked… I mean, I’ve seen a whole lot worse super-hero movies. But I think Boone flubbed it — it’s a bit grey and morose instead of scary and funny.

The performances aren’t all there, either.

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