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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Paul W.S. Anderson. 2016.

Yup. As usual in the Resident Evil movies, the cliffhanger from the previous movie is basically… just ignored?

And Anderson has adjusted to the times: The action scenes that used to be fun to watch are now basically just millisecond-cut montages of total confusion.

I’m guessing that’s just to cover a lower-than-usual budget: If you can’t actually see what’s on the screen, you don’t have to use as much money on it. Let’s see…

Here’s the 2012 movie:

And here’s this movie:

Wow. A much smaller budget, and a much higher cum gross.

That’ll learn em.

This movie is kinda painful to watch:

It gave me motion sickness 20 minutes into the movie. Every action sequence has 3-4-5 cuts every other second The camera is shaking even when all the characters are static.

I find myself looking away from the screen all the time — the editing and shakycam is indeed sickening.

Well, that wasn’t so bad…

Oh god. It’s not enough with the zombie drama? You gotta gin up this sort of fake drama, too?

I wonder whether Anderson was told to make it young and happening, and this is what he came up with? I mean, it was successful — you can’t argue with that cum gross on that budget. Perhaps the next movie will be all people standing around shouting at each other for two hours?

Saves money on zombie makeup.

This is really bad. I would normally ditch a movie this awful, but I’m morbidly curious as to how they’re going to end this. One thing’s for sure — this isn’t the final chapter of anything, but the endings of these movies are sometimes amusing. Even if the next movie completely ignores it, and I think they all did?

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