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Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution. Paul W.S. Anderson. 2012.

Huh. This one starts with a recap of all the previous movies. I don’t think any of the other ones have?

Yeah, it’s getting a bit repetetive? In every movie, they defeat the evil corporation, but then in the next movie, it turns out that no, the evil corporation has more resources. I mean, I get it, but it does show a certain lack of … planning?

Then again, it’s a video game movie series, so whatevs.


Anyway, it’s like Anderson heard what I was kvetching about — so far, the movie has been all recreations of scenes from previous movies, so it’s really leaning into the “repetition” thing, only in a meta way.

Jovovich seems to be trapped in a simulation or something? It’s fun.

But then… a bunch of exposition… and…

… it seems like the world isn’t as affected by the virus as the previous movies led us to believe?


It’s totally lost all tension in just a couple minutes. That’s an amazing feat.

I like do action movies that are all action — not having to think about a plot can be liberating. But this one is… kinda plotless? But still has a lot of boring scenes (“character development”) in between the fun action scenes? The pacing is all wonky, and the feeling of tedium carries over from these scenes into the action pieces.

It’s just badly put together, and I expected more from Anderson. This is definitely the worst one in the series. Well, so far.

Such athletic!

I’m not sure why the Wesker (?) character is CGI now?

Perhaps we’ll find out in the next episode?

I mean, movie. But I’m not really expecting much here — half of the movies have ended this way, just for them to er forget in the next movie.

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