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Resident Evil: Afterlife

Paul W. S. is back? Cool. I mean, he’s not … you know, good, but he knows how to make a video game movie.

An army of Milla!

New-form zombies! More like Parasyte horrors, I guess?

Hey! It’s that guy from… Legends of Tomorrow.

Anyway, this started off really fun: High energy and snappy scenes. And then it conveniently dialled back the Milla Superness, so that she’s now more conveniently fabulous. Which is cheaper, special effects wise, I guess.

But now there’s all this… character development… Who wants that!?


OK, it’s not a perfect popcorn movie — but it’s pretty good? I mean, I was entertained… most of the time.

Resident Evil: Afterlife. Paul W.S. Anderson. 2010.

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