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Resident Evil: Exctinction

I’m going… “did I rip the previous movie two times or something?” Because the first scenes seem identical to the Apocalypse movie?

But no! Fake out!

I’m impressed.

So this is by Russell Mulcahy, who made the Highlander movies back in the 80s (after doing a whole bunch of music videos, most prominently for The Tubes). But look at his career after this movie:

Why did his career crater after this movie? This one was pretty well received (as these movies go) and made quite a lot of money?

Well OK

The The Birds homage was fun.

There’s like intermittent brilliance here (well, for a movie like this): It’s expanding on the milieu previously established, and making it all more interesting and sinister.

And some really fun action scenes. And that evil corporation guy? He’s so evil!!!

So all that is fine, but then there’s things that … are just annoying? For instance, that guy who’s infected but doesn’t tell anybody? Who does that? I mean, he knows that he’s turning into a zombie, and nobody wants that to happen? So that’s just annoying.

The CGI is pretty nice for a 2007 movie.

I love the ending, but I’m guessing they’re going to pretend that that never happened in the next movie? Because following up on that would be… expensive to shoot.

Resident Evil: Exctinction. Russell Mulcahy. 2007.

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