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Psycho III

Psycho III. Anthony Perkins. 1986.

Oh, Perkins got to direct this one?

I think I probably saw this on VHS back in the 80s, but I’m not sure. Psycho II was surprisingly fun, so … perhaps this one will be, too? But I’m not holding my breath.

[half an hour passes]

Oh, this isn’t very good. (I know! You’re shocked, too!) It’s been thirty minutes of manoeuvring people into position so that the movie can start, really, and I’m guessing the er meat of the movie is going to be Perkins running around stabbing these people?

I checked whether Perkins had directed anything else, and indeed:

It’s Psycho meets The Naked Gun. That sounds just awesome.

[twenty minutes pass]

I think Perkins is aiming for a kinda … frothy, absurd horror thing: Like Little Shop Of Horrors, perhaps? A kinda 60s horror comedy kind of thing? And there are scenes that work on that level, but the pacing is just way off, and the funny bits aren’t funny enough.

[the end]

There’s some scenes here that a fun to watch, but … this is not a good movie.

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