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Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona. Joel Coen. 1987.

Aaah. The 80s. Remember the 80s? No? Well, let me tell you a story: It was the decade where you could see the poster for a movie, and it had the words “Nicholas Cage” on it, and you didn’t run for your life.

It was a happy age.

[twenty-five minutes pass]

This is such a fun movie. It’s a bit hyper, sure, but it’s got the right tone.

[the end]

I loved the first ten minutes, and then I really liked the next half hour, and then… uhm… there were scenes that I loved? I mean, it’s a really sweet movie, but it’s got stretches where it’s just treading water.

I feel like this could have been The Best Movie Ever if it had been a bit… tighter. It’s got so many good gags, and not a surfeit of plot, so it should be just perfect, and it isn’t.

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