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Life. Daniel Espinosa. 2017.

[the end]

Wow! This was so much fun! Until like… the last twenty minutes?

Spoilers are now going to follow. Do not read this if you want to watch the movie, because it’s a fun movie, and what I’m going to write here is going to spoil everything good about the movie. So here’s the logo a bunch of times to provide some spoiler space:

OK? Now there’s spoilers.

First of all it was so obvious the they were playing games with the pods, so when the big reveal at the end was happening, I was rolling my eyes so hard that my eyeballs fell out, and now I am literally blind.

Second of all: If you think about the premise just a millisecond: They grew the hostile alien from a single cell. Which means that this isn’t Alien, which it’s kinda similar to. You don’t want a Xenomorph landing on Earth, but the monster growing from a single cell makes everything irrelevant: Once that happens, there’s no way to be safe without plunging the space station into the Sun, and perhaps even that’s not enough.

In any case: They were all dead already, and nothing they did in the movie mattered.

So it’s a conceptual failure, but it’s so exciting to watch. It’s like a version of Alien without any political framework. That’s both good and bad: Alien had a lot to say about corporations and stuff, and this one is just pure, mindless entertainment, trying to offend nobody.

But it is really fun. So exciting.

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