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Blue Steel

Blue Steel. Kathryn Bigelow. 1990.

[twenty minutes pass]

So this is a fantasy movie? A copy kills an armed guy in the middle of robbing a store… and she gets shit for it? I mean, even getting mildly questioned about killing somebody is apparently very unusual.

I guess the Bigelow/fascist complex stuff started very early and the criticisms after Zero Dark Thirty were just behind the curve?

[twenty minutes pass]

The guy playing the other cop is possibly the most annoying actor ever? He seems to be doing some sort of fake Brooklyn accent?

The entire movie is kinda bad. The over-the-top psycho performance from whatisname is just tedious. Who cares? Talking to a god, smearing himself in blood… it’s boring as fuck.

[twenty minutes pass]

So she gets the killer, but they had to let him go because of technicalities (or because the cop was boinking the suspect). Otherwise how can the cop go rogue and have to kill the psychotic killer?

The script on this movie is so paint-by-numbers that I’m now seriously regretting buying all these movies (co-)written by Eric Red.

So now I’m wondering what people thought of this piece of crap.

Oh! Hm. OK, it that few people like this movie, perhaps it’s better than I thought.


[the end]

Sorry, I had SPOILERS hoped for some kind of twist here. Like… the protagonist being insane and just imagining the whole thing, and that the bearded guy was innocent.

But, not, what you see it what you get: A totally standard, stupid movie about a psychotic serial killer, and the cop that has to break the rules to get him.

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