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Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game. Gavin Hood. 2013. ⚃

[an hour passes]

This is an odd movie. I mean, it’s supposedly about fighting an alien invasion, but so far, it’s all been about training these children in… er… playing games?

I kinda like it? The actors are good, and the effects are, well, 2013, but pretty good 2013, and there’s no overt Mormonism in here?

It’s kinda boring, but that’s how sci-fi is supposed to be.

[the end]

It’s really, really moronic (I used the word “stupid” originally, but that doesn’t quite capture the essence), and I guess that’s because the book is way beyond idiotic. But. It’s fun to watch, and doesn’t quite go where you expect it to go.

So… I guess you have to give the director a lot of credit: Managing to make this thing into something that’s watchable?

I guess people are kinda conflicted about this movie, which I can understand.

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