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Hamlet Goes Business

Hamlet liikemaailmassa. Aki Kaurismäki. 1987. ⚂

[fifteen minutes pass]

“starring Pirkka-Pekka Petelius”. Is that possibly the most Finnish name ever?

So this really is a version of Hamlet? So far the storyline is kinda vague… Is Kaurismäki depending on the viewer remembering how Hamlet goes? I mean, like everybody else, I’ve seen at least half a dozen stagings of it, but… I don’t… really remember the plot. I mean, beyond the basics of the uncle killing his father etc etc there’s the rub, but… this seems like it would have been more fun if I could remember just exactly what Rosenkranz and Guildenetc did, precisely? And I don’t.

Yes, yes, this is a comedy (a parody?), but still.

[the end]

Well… If you do the dead-pan the humour in excess, the movie’s gonna… die?

I’m kinda amusing, but it’s also kinda annoying.

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