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Bloodshot. Dave Wilson. 2020. ⚃

[ten minutes pass]

This is pretty disgusting. On-screen fridging just to motivate the hero. Such a cliché. Pathetic.

[forty minutes pass]

Ooh! Twist! I didn’t see that coming. Now I just sound stupid. If only there were a delete key on this keyboard.

I’ve slowly started to enjoy this movie. It’s got a bunch of actors that are entertaining to watch there on the screen, and it’s got a weird, loping rhythm. It’s choppy, but in a good way.

[the end]

By the end of this movie, I was totally into it. Sure, the movie doesn’t make that much sense (the premise is pretty silly), but it’s just so… likeable. Lamorne Morris as the computer nerd is outstanding, and the elevator fight scene was so much fun.

I’d totally be up for watching Bloodshot 2, but is there going to be one?

But that’s Covid figures, so… er… is that good? That many people risked their lives to see this? I guess that’s a vote of confidence.


My problem with this movie is really the first three quarters of an hour: The movie leans really hard into being a standard, dopey, stupid example of its genre… and does that so that when the twist comes, it makes all the more impact. That’s great! But it means that we have to suffer through forty-five minutes of a standard, dopey, stupid example of its genre first, and that’s not fun.

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