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Cover Girl

Cover Girl. Charles Vidor. 1944. ⚄

Put the bass in your walk! Head to toe! Etc!

I guess Charles Vidor isn’t King Vidor? I’m so confused.

[twenty minutes pass]

This 2K version has been nicely restored, although they’ve gone a bit overboard with the film grain: The backgrounds look like angry bees swarming.

But very pretty otherwise.

Oh, and the movie? It’s a lot of fun so far. Very classic plot.

It’s kinda odd for a movie made in 1944 not to mention the war, even obliquely, though.

[ten minutes pass]

Oh, Hayworth character got a telegram, and the Kelly character quips “perhaps it’s a draft notice”. That’s a reference.

[fifteen minutes pass]

This movie’s got a lot of charming little details, like the woman who answers the phone with “Sure, I’ll marry ya. Who is this?”

[the end]

This could easily have done with shaving off about half an hour. It’s not that any of the scenes are less than amusing, but it loses cohesion by just going on this long — the plot is super-basic and we know exactly where it’s going, so keeping things snappy is vital.

Still… there’s just some extraordinarily exuberant scenes in here, so I love it anyway.

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