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Sun Ra at the Palomino

Sun Ra at the Palomino. 1988. ⚅

Oh, this is a concert DVD I bought er some years back. Is this from before he died? I’ve seen a bunch of Arkestra concerts, but I with Sun Ra…

Yes! There he is!

It looks like this DVD was sourced from a VHS tape… and it’s just filed with a single stationary VHS camera? Well, OK. The audio quality is fine, anyway; must be from a separate source.

Nope!!! There the sound went, and then came back… it’s all from a VHS.

[twenty minutes pass]

I love this. Wish I had been there.

It has a lot more of the standards than I had expected. I thought they did more of the out-the cosmic stuff in the 80s, but there’s a bunch of bop and earlier jazzy things here. I like that stuff, too, but I’m surprised.

I’m just wondering… why is there just that one cool guy in front there dancing? WHY AREN”T THOSE OTHER FOOLS DANCING!!!

[the end]

Well, it’s Sun Ra, so I can’t give it anything but ⚅.

But it’s a tragedy that so few of his concerts were filmed in any proper way. I guess it’s a triple whammy of racism and homophobia and jazz.

I had meant to have this on while doing some email and stuff, but I’ve found it hard to move my eyes down from the big screen up there.

Oh, there’s extras!

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