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Fellini: A Director’s Notebook

A Director’s Notebook. Federico Fellini. 1969. ⚃

Over the years, there’s a bunch of supplemental movies included on DVDs and blu-rays that I haven’t watched. I thought it might be fun to spend a couple of days watching these…

I’m not going to blog about the normal “behind the scenes” Hollywood documentaries, because that would be even less interesting than usual.

So here’s a fifty minute sort of… er… It was included on the 8½ DVD.


Fellini filmed a “sort of semihumourous introduction” to past and future plans: the recently abandoned project, The Voyage of G. Mastorna, and his latest work-in-progress, Fellini Satyricon.

[twenty minutes pass]

It’s not really a documentary, but… it’s very Fellini.

I haven’t seen Fellini Satyricon in decades, and this thing seems to reference that a lot… but as pantomime. This would probably had more resonance if I were more familiar with the movies this seems to be commenting on…

But I don’t, so it just seems like an oddity.

[twenty minutes pass]

But it’s kinda entertaining. It’s very meta. I mean, it’s Fellini; how could it be otherwise? I found myself falling into the patterns of this thing kinda hypnotised…

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