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Crash. Paul Haggis. 2004.

According to Lindsay, this is supposed to be on of the worst movies ever. That’s what I assumed, anyway, since it won all the Oscars.

I tried to buy Cronenberg’s Crash, of course, but I got this instead.


It’s not… that bad? I mean, it’s got an unusual ensemble thing going on. I like the structure. Everything kinda slides from one thing to the next as if by association.

The problem is what’s in the scenes: People shouting at each other. Every single scene is about people shouting lines at each other. And the things they shout are things real people would ever utter. And the plot is a kinda-metaphorical “everything connects” kinda thing, which would probably work better in a smaller town than LA? I mean, it doesn’t go for believeability, so that’s fine. But some of the plot points (like the nice car thief being the one getting killed) is eye-rollingly signalled so far in advance that when it finally happens it’s *sigh*.

Moral of the story: Older Iranian men are really, really, really annoying.

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