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The Predator

The Predator. Shane Black. 2018.

So it’s a reboot? What’s the change going to be?

“This time… She’s nice!”

But no: Doesn’t take many minutes for the predator to disembowel some soldier types.

This is sooo bad. All the characters are boring cliches, every camera angle is what you’d predict, every line is predictable. And there’s a kid! An autisticish kid! That’s the final insult in an action movie.

But then… as it develops (perhaps that’s putting it too generously), it’s kinda growing on me. It’s not a horror movie, but instead a group buddy movie. With lots of violence. It’s kinda amiable?

But oh so stupid and oh so predictable.

… OK, the space ship action scene I didn’t see coming. It’s fun!

This is a difficult movie to throw a dice on. I mean, it’s got a it’s-so-bad-it’s-good kinda vibe going on, but half the movie is rather tedious. But then there’s bits that are (while embarrassing) pretty entertaining.

So: It’s not a good movie, but… But.

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