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Tinta Roja

Tinta Roja. Francisco J. Lombardi. 2000.

Oh, right; this was the Peruvian movie that was recommended to me some years ago. Hey, things take time.

This is the story about a young, naive guy starting work as an intern at a newspaper. He gets taken under the wings of an old, wise guy, I mean, an old wiseguy, and then character development happens.

There are scenes in here I like, and glimpses into er culture? that I’m not sure have been made especially for this movie or is really a thing. Like this dance thing where the guy tries to light the napkin the women have tied to their asses:

Yes, that’s odd, and this is an odd movie. It’s rather bewildering what the point of view of the movie is: Are we supposed to admire these journalists, or be repulsed by them, or just go “ah, journalists”?

I liked the structural touch of bringing things full circle, but then they made absolutely everything come full circle plot-wise, too, which is a bit *rolls eye oops too much fell out*

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