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Even Money

Aw shucks.

He just can’t stay mad!

I’m pensing! I’m pensing!

All work and no play.

OK, I can’t watch this.

Or… OK… I’ll give it ten more minutes.

OK, I gave it ten more minutes but it didn’t help.

Even Money. Mark Rydell. 2006.

This is the night of DVDs which I have no idea why I possess: So here’s the most befuddling one. I have two copies of this DVD. But why! Do I have even one?

This has like all my least favourite actors, like Kelsey Grammer and Forest Whitaker. And, OK, Kim Basinger.

And it has Tim Roth, who I like quite a lot.

And by a director I’ve never heard of but who namechecked himself like a dozen times before the movie started.

Hm… Oh, he did On Olden Pond. That wasn’t very good.

OK… perhaps… I received these DVDs as packaging? Did I mean to buy something called something vaguely like “Even Money”?

Oh god. This is about sports.

I watched the first fifteen minutes, but this is the worst thing ever, so I’m bailing.

I’m going with the “packing material” hypothesis.

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