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My Favorite Blonde

This seems like a much more serious movie than all the other films in this Bob Hope box set. But perhaps it’ll turn all funny when the Hope character is introduced?

Oh, there he is. See?


They had nice trains back then. At least in movies.

I can’t believe I’m not enjoying this movie more than I am. The plot’s quite nice and screwy and Hope is nattering away most pleasantly, but I’m just not feeling it.

Perhaps it’s just that I’m in a really bad mood after the previous movie.

I should just pause this movie and continue watching some other day.


[a couple days pass]

I just watched Star Trek: Picard s3e1. It wasn’t good… but it was definitely the best Picard episode ever. Perhaps this season isn’t going to suck?

Not holding my breath, though.

I was right! I was just in a bad mode! Not mood, mode. I’m a modey kind of guy. It’s the language of the future; the language of the past.

Oops, I went on a Laurie Anderson tip there…

Anyway, this is hilarious. It’s the screwiest of screwball comedies.

Hey! That’s Bing Crosby! Showing up for one five second scene!

High speed bus chase!

This is really quite ingenious. It’s super duper silly, and the plot doesn’t make much sense, but it’s so well paced — the jokes just keeps coming, and a large number of them are keepers.

This is very very silly and very funny, but you totally have to be in the right mode to watch it.

My Favorite Blonde. Sidney Lanfield. 1942.

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